Monday, June 8, 2009

Paris- My Dream Trip

This past spring break I finally took my dream trip. If you didn't get where from the title of this post, it was Paris. My whole life I have wanted to go there. It was especially cool since I speak french. My french was a little rusty ( I don't use it much in Atlanta ). My first language is english, but my parents thought it would be a good idea to send me to a french school when I was younger. I am originally from Canada.

So off we went. I went with a good friend and my husband stayed home and took care of the kiddos.

We packed alot into four full days. I was ready to come home on the fifth day because my feet hurt so much. The first day we didn't even get to our room until after lunch, but we went out and went here.

The Mona Lisa is so much smaller than you think it is. While I was walking through the Louvre looking at all the fabulous art, I wondered what makes this painting so special? There were many other pieces I thought to be more grand and more beautiful. I guess I'll have to do a little reaserch on that one

After the Louvre we walked throught the Tuilleries Garden and ate a baguette at an outdoor cafe. I had to keep telling myself that we were really there. It seemed like a dream. I giggled a little when I saw a lady in high heels walking a little poodle just like here. It seemed like such a cliche.We then went on a boat tour on the Seine River. It was amazing. We saw this monolith

We decided we had to see it up close so off we went. My favorite shot of the Eiffel Tower was at dusk taken from the Arc de Triomphe. So beautiful!

That was just the first day. I think Paris deserves more than one post, so more tomorrow.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Back on the blogging bandwagon!!

Well I have been absent on this blog for quite a long time. I hope the 3 people that used to read it will come back again:) This past year was very busy for me. I took a part time time job being a teacher's assistant at the preschool one of my sons attended, I started a purse and jewelry home party business and I have been doing alot of custom window treatments. I haven't had the time to blog. But now that summer has arrived I'm not quite as busy. So stay tuned for more blogging.