Thursday, October 29, 2015

One Room Challenge Week 4! Master Bedroom

Holy Moly I have 14 days to get this Master Bedroom finished for Linda's @ Calling It Home's One Room Challenge! Can you hear the panic in my voice!!

If you're new here, the One Room Challenge is a twice yearly event where bloggers pick a room in their home or someone else's home to redo in only 6 short weeks. You'd think 6 weeks is a pretty good amount of time until you ONLY HAVE 14 DAYS LEFT!!!!!

This week started off with a big disaster. Painting of the the doors. Silly me I thought I could just clean the doors and then slap that paint right on. Well BIG FAIL! After 2 coats on the closet door the paint was not sticking well at all. Turns out you have to prep shiny surfaces before painting. I've gotten used to chalk paint and have forgotten that regular painting is all about the prep. So the closet door looks like this right now.

 I'm in the process of sanding off all the dark paint to start over. Then I'll use a liquid sander to remove the gloss. Hopefully that will work and next week I'll be able to show you beautiful dark doors.

After the paint debacle I decided to take a break from the painting and do something fun. So the rest of this week was all about fabric and sewing. I love sewing and haven't really done too much lately. When we lived in Atlanta I owned a workroom and sewed almost every day. So sewing is my first love. I haven't had room to set up an official sewing space anywhere else, so when I am sewing my dining room usually looks likes this.

Luckily my husband is out town for business this week so the kids and have been eating at the coffee table most of the week. This is the beginnings of my bedskirt. I can't decide if I want to pleat it or gather it yet. I need to make that decision today.  Anyone have any thoughts on that? My valances are pleated. If you follow me on instagram you saw this photo of one finished valance awaiting installation.

This will actually get installed up into that little window nook. Do you like my makeshift stand? I was trying to see how it will look and no one was around to hold it for me. I also have a second valance that is longer that will be going above my bed with panels behind it. I'm trying to cover up a window that is off center. That's pretty much all the progress I've made this week. I did make a decision on how I was going to plank my ceiling. Lowes has these tongue and groove boards I'm going to use.

 I'll need 15 packages, so at about $10 a package, that's pretty economical. I'll be priming and painting them before installation. Painting on the ceiling is tough on the arms. I'm sure after installing it all, my arms will be plenty tired!!!

On tap for next week is getting all the doors painted, finishing up the bedskirt and my electrician is coming to install new lighting in all the bedrooms and upstairs hallway next week.Yay! Can't wait to get rid of the old light fixtures everywhere. Normally I can do things like that myself, but this house has old and confusing wiring so I'll let the professional do it this time. I'm also moving the master bedroom light a little to center it up over the bed so I definitely do not want to tackle that job.

That's it for me today, gotta finish sewing. Go check out all the other guest participants at Calling It Home. Can't wait to see everyone's progress.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

ORC- Week 3 Master Bedroom

If this is your first time visiting here I'm participating in the One Room Challenge or ORC put together by Linda at Calling it Home. Trying to redo a room in 6 weeks is crazy. I think everyone looks at their room in week three and thinks it CAN'T be half over already!!! Where is the time going?

This week I was MIA almost the whole week. My husband and I bought a vacation house in Ponte Vedra, FL. I spent 6 days there stocking dishes, bedding, and all the necessities so our family could spend Christmas there. The weather was great. And of course I took a little time out for fun with some friends too.

While I was gone I got some deliveries for my master bedroom. My vanity and light fixture both arrived. I put the vanity together and it fits perfectly.

Yesterday I found the perfect tufted chair for my tushie while doing my hair and makeup.

I was supposed to paint the doors and trim this week, but I'll be doing that today and tomorrow. My house has these amazing solid wood doors. Check out that detail.

 I can't wait to change their color. I'm thinking some Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams.

Also, this week will be all about fabric, fabric, fabric. There will be a bedskirt, draperies and a pillow or two.

Go check out the rest of the participants here. I can't wait to see how everyone else is doing, and if they're freaking out as much as me!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

ORC- Week 2 Master Bedroom

Week 2 of the ORC came and went. I have a plan! Yay!  I made a lot of progress this week. I primed and painted all the walls. I've used this same color in 5 different rooms in the past 3 years and it looks different in every single room. Sometimes it looks more gray, sometimes it's beige. This time it's more beige but that could change when the lighting gets switched. Here is the wall color, Anew Gray.

 On the ceiling I'm going to do either planking or beadboard in a light blue similar to Cay.

I've also done a bit of shopping this week. I got the artwork for above my bedside tables behind the lamps. I had originally bought one of these for my family room, but tried it above the nightstands. It looked so good I had to run out to Hobby Lobby to try and find another. I got lucky. They only had one left. 

The pillows I made about 2 years ago. The blue silk with the dots will also be a bedskirt. The large floral will be the main fabric for draperies. I've had this fabric forever, but never made any window treatments because we've been moving so much. So HAPPY to be settled somewhere for a few years!!!!!

The desk will be my new dressing table. I'll need to get a nice girly chair to go with it.

I really wanted a nice wood beaded chandelier, but my ceiling are not very high. I was searching for a semi flush mount and found the wood beaded one above. I love the larger bead that hangs from the bottom.

The headboard is difficult to see in the above picture. Here it is from Joss and Main. I lived without a headboard for over a year in our previous rental. I have a large four poster bed frame, but sadly with low ceilings and a smaller room it doesn't fit in this master. 

I wasn't sure how I was going to like the headboard. It was very inexpensive and had good reviews so I thought I'd try it out.  What was there to lose? I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. I actually really like it. It's kind of a tweed fabric and looks more expensive than it really is. I'm very thankful my pillow is no longer falling off the head of the bed! So annoying!

So what's on the agenda for week 3? Not a whole lot. I'm going to Florida for a couple of days. We bought a townhouse in Ponte Vedra to be able to escape the cold winter months of PA. I'm going to get the place stocked with the necessary supplies so our family can spend time there this Christmas. I'm also going to be seeing my besties while I'm there! I miss them all and am so happy we'll be spending more time there. My husband took a truck load of furniture that didn't fit in current PA home  (including my big four poster bed) to our FL townhouse a couple of weeks ago. So now it's time to get all the bits and bobs and make it livable.  With all of that going on next week, I'm still hoping to get a little work done on my ORC. I've made a tentative weekly schedule for the remaining weeks.

Week 3:
  •  Paint doors and trim
  •  Schedule electrician to move lighting and install fixture and replace some outlets.

Week 4:
  • Sewing, Sewing, Sewing!
  • Assemble Furniture
Week 5:
  • Ceiling (this will be the most challenging part of this room makeover
  • Shopping
Week 6:
  • Finish any undone projects
  • Styling
  • Photographing

Voila! I actually think this is doable, but the ceiling frightens me. EEK! 

Can't wait to see how everyone else is progressing. Go check out the rest of the participants at Linda's blog, Calling It Home.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

ORC- Let's try this Again!

It's my favorite time of year! The One Room Challenge from Linda @ Calling it Home.
Well last you heard from me it was week 4 of the Spring ORC. I'm sad to say I never quite made it to the finish line with the shared boys room. Waiting for the floors to be refinished did me in. Check in with me tomorrow and I'll give you an update on that room. We did move into our new little tudor house and the next day the kids and I took off for the most of the summer. We had great adventures but I was itching to get home and get this house in order.

This time around I'm going to do the room that always seems to get left for last. It's the MASTER BEDROOM. Here is how the room looked in the listing.

I already removed the wallpaper and washed the glue off the walls. The wallpaper was so old the pink stripes turned to peach over the years. I'm sure it was very stylish in its day, but YUCK!

So what's the plan for the next six weeks?
  1. Paint the walls, trim and doors
  2. Order a headboard, rug and desk for dressing area (See that tiny master bath? It's too small to do my hair and makeup. It will get an update starting in the next month or so.)
  3. Remove lovely chandelier and replace with something updated.
  4. Sewing, Sewing, Sewing. Window treatments, bedskirt and a couple of pillows to go with ones from my previous room.
  5. Cool treatment on the ceiling. You can't tell, but there's some kind of wallpaper product on there and there are creases and lots of bumps. I'm thinking painted beadboard.
  6. Then there's the styling and photographing for the big reveal.
I'm sure I'll have a few hiccups along the way, but there will be a reveal this time around. Come back next week to see how things are going, and stop over at Calling it Home to check out all the other linking participants. I can't wait to see all the talent out there.