Thursday, September 24, 2009

Before And After Fall Wreath

So last year I made some fall wreaths to go on my front doors. I thought they looked really good. Lets just say I came back from the floral show and as I walked up to my front doors I thought to myself, I have got to fix those wreaths now. They looked really puny and unfinished. I learned about movement and texture and decided to put it into practice.

Upon first glance it looks pretty good. Here's the before shot on an interior door.

Here's what they look like after some TLC. I broke out my new glue pot and started dipping and sticking. I think they look so much better.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flower Show

Well it seems like I can't get the hang of working at preschool and blogging. I've had sick kids for about a week now and am starting to have a little time. Hopefully I'll be back to work tomorrow, because no work means no pay. In the meantime here's a little eye candy. Oh I know it's a little early for Christmas decorating. I went to a Floral show last weekend. It was put on by a wholesaler that I use. I mostly use them for for their great ribbon, but they've got great Christmas ornaments and decor. They brought in 2 floral designers from out of state that gave us lots of tricks of the trade and it was day of epiphanies for me. I think the best one was when he just dipped the ornaments in the glue pot and stuck them to the wreath or swag or table arrangement he was doing. For years I have been wiring things on and it took forever. I bought a glue pot that day and can't wait to try it. But I have a huge window treatment installation this weekend and have to get that done first. Here are some pics from my day. I hope you get inspired.This birdhouse wreath was my favorite. I didn't think I was going to like it at all when he started it. Now I see all kinds of possibilities for this wreath for spring.
This is a wreath stand extended with a garland twisted around it. They then added the magic with decorations. I think there is even a reindeer stuck in there.I thought he was finished with this one when I took this pic. Turns out he had much more to add, just look at the following pic.