Monday, March 8, 2010

Hand Painted Knobs

I bought and put together this dresser from IKEA for my little boys room.

I wanted to personalize it a little and remembered these hand painted knobs called sknobs I had seen on Etsy. I searched and searched and couldn't find them again, so I seached the web and found them at Studio M Designs. They were perfect for this dresser
I looked at the price and couldn't justify the $60. So off to Hobby Lobby to buy some unfinished large knobs. These could also be used as feet for an ottoman. I spent under $10 and used some leftover paint. Here is my interpretation. Yes I am only showing half the dresser because my son put a bunch of stuff on the top and I was too lazy to clean it all up. Here are all six knobs.
I think they turned out pretty good. These are cell phone pics so they are poor quality. I am linking to Kimba's DIY Day. Check it out and see lots of great DIY ideas.