Thursday, August 28, 2008

All I Want For Christmas...

You all know the rest of that song:) Have a great day everyone.

Monday, August 25, 2008

When it Rains it Pours!!

All summer it was very slow in my sewing world. No new clients or jobs for a couple of months. It was no big deal since the kids were out of school. I just worked on a few of my own projects and we had a great time. I decided since sewing was slow to take a job at my son's preschool. At first it was only going to be 2 days a week (5 hours a day), but they asked if I would be interested in working 4 days. I took it because, what else was I going to do. With the economy the way it is every little bit helps. School starts next week and now I am slammed. I just landed a large sewing job and a couple of small jobs. My husband is away for the next 3 weeks and I also have some sewing to get done for church!!! Why does everything come at once? So I'll be teacher's assistant in a class full of 3 years olds by day, and sewing by night. It is going to be a busy month. I'm off to sew for the evening, but first I need to walk the dog and put the kids to bed. Whew! I'm tired already.

Here's a peek at some of what I'll be working on.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Day of Togetherness.

To celebrate the end of the first week of school we decided a little trip to Stone Mountain was in order.
You can read all about this park here. My husband had his company picnic here a few weeks ago. They gave everyone a free pass to use anytime this season and since it was very hot and very crowded that day, we thought we would come back another time. That time was today. The main reason we went was for this one attraction called Sky Hike. It'a an obstacle course that goes up 3 or 4 stories. It was a little too high for my 2 youngest ( who am I kidding, it was too high for me too! I was very happy to stay on the ground with them.), so we happily watched from below.

They had a small obstacle in the back for younger kids so off the 2 little ones went until this happened.

We were the first paramedic call at the park. This one got stung by a bee. He does look pitiful. This was taken after the hysterics. There was a Boy Scout troup there and one of the moms helped as we waited for the paramedics to show. She definitely lived up to their motto. She was "prepared". Anyway, thankfully he is not allergic. This was his first sting. There is never a dull moment with 3 boys:)

Monday, August 11, 2008

The First Day of School. "Sniff"

All is quiet here in the house. My 2 older boys have gone off to school today. It is amazing how quiet it gets when there's no one else to fight I mean play with:)

I think my first grader was a little nervous today. He does not know anyone in his class this year. He will make friends fast, that's the type of kid he is.

The oldest one ( fourth grader ) was so excited to get to school this morning. His teacher from last year looped to the next grade level and kept all her old students with a few new ones sprinkled in. Not having seen his friends at all this summer he couldn't wait to tell them all about the fabulous trip to Washington DC he took this past weekend with his dad. My cousin is on senior staff at the White House and gave them a private tour of the West Wing. They even got to peek into the Oval Office but no pictures allowed in there. They did get some pics in the press room and many outside. This was a once in a lifetime kind of experience and I'm so glad they had the opportunity to go.

I'm sure there will be lots of stories from the first day of school when I pick them up this afternoon. I'll listen to them all over chocolate chip cookies and milk when we get home.

Friday, August 8, 2008

House Tour - Kitchen & Breakfast Room

I LOVE my kitchen. We bought the house because we like the open floor plan so much. It was hard to entertain a crowd in our old house, but we can pack 30-40 people in here comfortably. The double ovens only get used at holidays, or if I have a crowd. But, they are so nice to have if you need to cook a turkey and bake a pie!

I decided to purchase this armoir style refrigerator. I really like it, but if I didn't have my old side by side in the garage right around the corner, the freezer would be a little tight. Now how do you get the kids to use the handles and not put their hands all over the stainless.

My kids love to sit at the breakfast bar to eat. We finally made a rule that if Dad is home for dinner ( he travels alot) then we all eat at the table. So now they eat at the bar for breakfast and lunch when not in school. That curved wall of windows is in the family room. You'll have to stay tuned for a tour there.

My kitchen table is a little sad. The chairs keep breaking. They have been glued so many times I cannot even count. We bought this table 9 years ago to withstand the children. I think we only paid $150 for it. No sense spending alot of maney on something the kids will destroy right?

We are saving up to buy a new table and chairs. The new one is coming from here.

It is the one you can see in the inset picture. This table can withstand almost anything. The top is made from old Canadian pine floors from Quebec. Being from Canada and speaking french, it's kind of cool my kitchen table has the same heritage as I do. Maybe that's kind of weird!! There is nothing my 3 boys can do to hurt this table. It was walked on for 100 years, so it can withstand anything.

This chandelier is from Costco and was only $75. I had been looking for a new one ( the one the builder put up was UGLY!) and thought it would cost me $250-$350. Bliss when I happened upon this.

Thanks for visiting my kitchen. Have a wonderful weekend. We are having a yard sale. Tryin' to make some money for that new table!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

House Tour - Master Bedroom

In my last house the master bedroom was the last room that I decorated. In this new house it was the first. I really just moved most of my decor into the new room and put everything up. I made the valances and euro shams and got lucky the windows were about the same size. Someday I'll get around to making a bedskirt. I know it really needs one. The black silk pillows I got at Hobby Lobby and I have a friend with an embroidery business who did the monograms. We barter window treatments for embroidery. I'm sure when I finish with the rest of the house the master will need a redo. I'm not sure I still love the red/yellow/black scheme anymore, but for now it is staying. I have just left the room the builders taupe color. It seems to work and I think I'll wait to paint if I end up changing the decor sometime.

This part of the room is a little blah, still have to work on that. I have 2 chairs in the basement waiting to be reupholstered, and I keep putting it off. I think they would look good flanking the armoire with some kid photography. The master bath is still quite sterile, but I will add some pics to this post tomorrow. Then it's off to the kitchen for the next room. This tour has no rhyme or reason except I am showing you the rooms that I have at least somewhat decorated first. Have a great day.

Hooked on Houses is having a house tour blog party on Tuesday. Be sure to stop by and check out some tours.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Tissue paper pompoms

Here is my rendition of the pompoms. Not bad for a first try, but I think if I make them again it may go a little better. Many ladies commented on them and wanted to know how to make them. The shower was a success, but my camera stopped working so I didn't get a picture of the guests of honor:( But I thought these purses looked interesting all lined up so I took a picture of them. Then my camera batteries died. The house tour continues tomorrow. We took a little time off to enjoy the pool today.

We had a great time swimming!!