Monday, August 11, 2008

The First Day of School. "Sniff"

All is quiet here in the house. My 2 older boys have gone off to school today. It is amazing how quiet it gets when there's no one else to fight I mean play with:)

I think my first grader was a little nervous today. He does not know anyone in his class this year. He will make friends fast, that's the type of kid he is.

The oldest one ( fourth grader ) was so excited to get to school this morning. His teacher from last year looped to the next grade level and kept all her old students with a few new ones sprinkled in. Not having seen his friends at all this summer he couldn't wait to tell them all about the fabulous trip to Washington DC he took this past weekend with his dad. My cousin is on senior staff at the White House and gave them a private tour of the West Wing. They even got to peek into the Oval Office but no pictures allowed in there. They did get some pics in the press room and many outside. This was a once in a lifetime kind of experience and I'm so glad they had the opportunity to go.

I'm sure there will be lots of stories from the first day of school when I pick them up this afternoon. I'll listen to them all over chocolate chip cookies and milk when we get home.

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