Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School

This guy is the oldest. Starting middle school for the second time. At his new school middle school starts in 7th grade, but at his old school it started in 6th. I kept telling telling him he was a step ahead of everyone. He was nervous because he didn't know anyone. Well, his day turned out OK. He said it wasn't as good as his old school, but it was alright. I'm sure in a few weeks it will be just fine and he'll be having a blast.

I wasn't worried about about this guy. I can't believe he's in 4th grade already. He had an awesome day. I knew he would. He's a super likable kid. We would always joke with him because every time we would go out and about, we would always run into someone that he knew. When he got into the car after the first day, he already had 4 friends. Yeah!

Oh my littlest one. We call him Mr. Personality. I knew he would have a ton of friends the first day, even if he couldn't remember anyone's name. He has always been more about the social part of school than the learning. We are definitely going to start focussing more on the learning this year. All he could talk about when he got in the car that first day was the the big white twirly slide with the stripes on it. 
It was a great first day for everyone. I'm so glad the transition to a new school was easy for them. What an answer to prayer for us.

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