Thursday, October 22, 2015

ORC- Week 3 Master Bedroom

If this is your first time visiting here I'm participating in the One Room Challenge or ORC put together by Linda at Calling it Home. Trying to redo a room in 6 weeks is crazy. I think everyone looks at their room in week three and thinks it CAN'T be half over already!!! Where is the time going?

This week I was MIA almost the whole week. My husband and I bought a vacation house in Ponte Vedra, FL. I spent 6 days there stocking dishes, bedding, and all the necessities so our family could spend Christmas there. The weather was great. And of course I took a little time out for fun with some friends too.

While I was gone I got some deliveries for my master bedroom. My vanity and light fixture both arrived. I put the vanity together and it fits perfectly.

Yesterday I found the perfect tufted chair for my tushie while doing my hair and makeup.

I was supposed to paint the doors and trim this week, but I'll be doing that today and tomorrow. My house has these amazing solid wood doors. Check out that detail.

 I can't wait to change their color. I'm thinking some Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams.

Also, this week will be all about fabric, fabric, fabric. There will be a bedskirt, draperies and a pillow or two.

Go check out the rest of the participants here. I can't wait to see how everyone else is doing, and if they're freaking out as much as me!


Reviving Charm said...

looks like you have a few nice pieces to start with. Good luck!

Sew Pink said...

Thank you @RevivingCharm. This week is not going so well:( Paint snafu!!