Friday, July 31, 2009

Hooked on 3D Movies

Well this has been the summer of 3D movies. My kids love them!! I didn't always think the story lines were that great, but the 3D effects were all very good. Today we watched this movie at home.
I thought the 3D was very good, but I wished I had seen it at the theater. I thought it would be scary for my kids, but they loved it.
Here are some of the other 3D movies we have seen this summer:

I think my favorite 3D movie of all time would have to be Journey to the Center of the Earth. Probably because I had not seen 3D like that before. The story line was also good for an adult.

Here's what I'm hooked on. Now go take a look over at Julia's Hooked on Houses to see what everyone else is hooked on today.


Terry said...

Boy I am way behind on the 3D thing. My kids are too old to think it's cool I guess.

sara's art house said...

Those movies look like a lot of fun. We saw Polar Express a few years ago in 3D- that was a great one - you felt like the train was going to crash right into you!