Wednesday, October 7, 2015

ORC- Let's try this Again!

It's my favorite time of year! The One Room Challenge from Linda @ Calling it Home.
Well last you heard from me it was week 4 of the Spring ORC. I'm sad to say I never quite made it to the finish line with the shared boys room. Waiting for the floors to be refinished did me in. Check in with me tomorrow and I'll give you an update on that room. We did move into our new little tudor house and the next day the kids and I took off for the most of the summer. We had great adventures but I was itching to get home and get this house in order.

This time around I'm going to do the room that always seems to get left for last. It's the MASTER BEDROOM. Here is how the room looked in the listing.

I already removed the wallpaper and washed the glue off the walls. The wallpaper was so old the pink stripes turned to peach over the years. I'm sure it was very stylish in its day, but YUCK!

So what's the plan for the next six weeks?
  1. Paint the walls, trim and doors
  2. Order a headboard, rug and desk for dressing area (See that tiny master bath? It's too small to do my hair and makeup. It will get an update starting in the next month or so.)
  3. Remove lovely chandelier and replace with something updated.
  4. Sewing, Sewing, Sewing. Window treatments, bedskirt and a couple of pillows to go with ones from my previous room.
  5. Cool treatment on the ceiling. You can't tell, but there's some kind of wallpaper product on there and there are creases and lots of bumps. I'm thinking painted beadboard.
  6. Then there's the styling and photographing for the big reveal.
I'm sure I'll have a few hiccups along the way, but there will be a reveal this time around. Come back next week to see how things are going, and stop over at Calling it Home to check out all the other linking participants. I can't wait to see all the talent out there.


Christine Dovey said...

Your room has such pretty bones and I agree, the master is always last! Looking forward to following along.

Sew Pink said...

Thanks Christine. It's definitely a lot of work in just a few short weeks. Rolling up my sleeves to get busy!

Sienna said...

I'm excited to see it complete because it was pretty great to begin with!