Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not Enough Hours in the Day!

This move to Jacksonville is going to kill me!! My husband is already living there during the week, so not only am I a single parent all week to 3 boys with homework and activities, I am organizing and cleaning out for the move, getting ready for the monster of all garage sales and trying to decorate the new house a little. I don't have all the resources in Jax that I have here in Atlanta, so I'm trying to get the things that I need before we move.

Last week my Pottery Barn sofa was delivered, so my husband finally has a place to sit. But now the place is very beige!!!

I went looking for rug today to help with the echo. I saw this rug first and it was a strong contender. I took a second look and then I thought it might be too geometric with the fabric I bought to upholster 2 of these chairs.
I found these at the Scott Antique Market. They'll be ready in 4 weeks.
Then I saw this rug and I think it's much better. there's a little more green than I really wanted, but it looks good with the fabric for the chairs (lower right) and the rest of the fabric that I'm using in the room.I'll get a pic with the rug this weekend. I'll show you how it looks then.

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