Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pink and Lime Baby Shower

My sister in law is anticipating the birth of a baby girl. She has two boys from her husbands previous marriage that live with them full time, but this is her first pregnancy and the first baby girl on our side of the family. I have 3 boys, so it is so nice to have some pink around. Today I threw her a baby shower. Full on hot pink and lime, and it was so fun.

My large artwork didn't work with the decor, so I covered it with half of a white paper tablecloth and stuck the vinyl polka dots on it with the mesh wreath that I made.

I used paper lanterns that I fancied up with ribbon and polka dots ( they're hard to see because these pics are from my iPhone). One fell down in the middle of the shower and almost hit me on the head.

The food was great, we had a good time and my SIL got a lot of great stuff. It was fun decorating for a girl for a change.

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