Tuesday, July 29, 2008

House Tour - Dining Room

I've been working on the dining room for the last week. Everytime I have an event here I try to get a room painted and window treatments done. This week I am hosting an adoption shower. Well this room got painted twice last week. The first color was a pretty blue, but it was just too pretty. It looked like it belonged in a little boy's room. I will probably use the remaining half gallon for a project in my son's room. I have a friend who is an interior designer and she helped me pick out a better color. We went with Sherwin Williams Uncertain Grey. I was a little UNCERTAIN :) as I was rolling it onto the wall. Why does it always look really bad at night when it's being rolled on? I decided to wait until the next day to make a final decision. I didn't want to paint it a third time. Everything always looks better in the morning.
Pay no attention to the legs in the mirror:)

The wall with the mirror looks a little bare so I will be taking the advice of fellow bloggers here. And then hanging the plates like Susie Harris from Bienvenue did here in her bedroom. I'll show you that project when I do it in the next couple of weeks.

I've has this window treatment in the works for quite a while, but the paying customers always come first. What do they say? "The cobbler's children have no shoes." Well the seamstress' windows have no coverings. I am glad I finished it. It still needs some rosettes that I ordered for the swags. I'll post another picture when I get them. This room is not quite complete. I still need to paint the ceiling and do a few little projects, but I like the way things evolve over time. The end result is nice, but I enjoy the process much more. Stay tuned for the next room. It may take a couple of days to get a room photo ready.


sara's art house said...

I totally LOVE that color blue. It is so calming and almost crisp. looks great. The trey ceiling (if that's what you call it) looks great too, and a nice contrast to the blue.

Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Hooked on Houses said...

I have to say I love the way your dining room turned out! It's beautiful. I'm loving the paint color, so I'm glad you told us what it was. I've got to file that away for future reference. Thanks! -Julia