Monday, July 28, 2008

House Tour

I thought I would give a house tour. We have only lived in this house about a year. We weren't really looking to move although we were starting to bust out of our old home. With mom, dad, 3 very active boys and grandpa, it was getting crowded.

Here is a picture of our old house.

Oh how I miss the old neighborhood. I loved my neighbors and had formed some great friendships there. I still see my friends, but it's not the same as walking over to say hello. But, nothing lasts forever. This neighborhood is not quite the same. We haven't lived here long enough yet. I do have wonderful neighbors on one side that have been very kind to us. People tend to keep to themselves more here. I guess everyone is just so busy.

So here is the story of how we came to move. My husband and I like to go driving around and looking at new homes. I even like to drive through neighborhoods at night so I can see inside houses. I like to see how people have decorated their homes. I wouldn't call myself a Peeping Tom (well maybe I would):) We were driving through this neighborhood with new construction and got out and looked at a few. Well, I fell in love with THIS house.

When my husband said he loved it too and maybe it would be doable I got very excited. Three months later we were moving in. One of the things we love about this house is it is very close to our church. Since we are very involved in the ministry there it makes it very convenient. Here you have it. The exterior. Stay tuned for the dining room tomorrow.

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sara's art house said...

Gorgeous house! I like the rounded part with all of the windows...hope you keep up the tour :) I am nosy too....:)