Sunday, July 20, 2008

One of the Best Purchases I've Ever Made!

Early this summer My mother and sister were visiting. Well, when the 3 of us are together we shop till we drop. Maybe it's we shop till I drop. They are marathon shoppers and I just tag along. I must put a disclaimer in here, because they don't shop all the time. My sister lives in a remote part of Canada and the nearest big city is 5 hours away. So when visiting Atlanta or anywhere else where there is such variety, what is one to do except stock up? My mother has always been a marathon shopper. Sorry mom, your secret is out:)

So on this particular day of the week long shopping extravaganza we headed to the North Georgia Premium Outlets. These are my favorite outlets because there is a Pottery Barn Outlet there. I cannot say how happy this place makes me!! We are happily meandering through the aisles of candles, lamps and pillows. Then I spot it. At first I'm not sure what it is, but I feel drawn to this object. When I get closer I realize it is a huge flat basket almost 5 feet in diameter. The original price said $219, but it was marked down to $39. No, it couldn't be. I had to have it. My mom and sister asked what I was going to do with. I said I thought I was going to hang it on the wall. They looked perplexed, but I had a vision. I have a two story entry with a large wall above the dining room. I thought it would fit the space nicely.

We jammed it into the van and drove home. When I brought the basket into the house my husband asked what I was going to do with it. When I told him my plan he thought I was crazy!!! I had to do some convincing to get him to hang it. He didn't see my vision, but bless his heart he put it up anyway with the help of his dad. I think he gets it now, cause it looks so good hangin on the wall. See for yourself.
The dining room is being painted as we speak. Not sure about the color yet. I'll post more about that when it's done. Happy Monday everyone!

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Emily A. Clark said...

Can't believe you found that for $39! That is an incredible deal and works great in your space. Thanks for sharing :)